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Why Your Marketing Video Is Almost Useless Without Video SEO

While search engine optimization of websites and webpages are common, only a very few people understand the importance of video SEO. In fact, some people are not aware the term video SEO since they don’t even know that videos should also be optimized too.

Apart from video SEO, all other information formats should be optimized. Even mobile apps are being optimized now. Optimization of videos became necessary when people began to wake up to the advantages of videos as a marketing tool. The number of videos online exploded and as such it has become difficult for any video to be seen among the millions of videos available online. So, you have to find a way to stand out from the crowd. This led to the advent of video SEO.

Apart from easy spotting, optimization of videos offers several other benefits and that is why it is fast becoming a trend right now. Uploading your video online or sharing it seems to be only half of the job now. You need to also back it up with search engine optimization so that they appear on search engine result pages.

More traffic and more sales

This is another great benefit of video optimization. This is information age and people usually make research on a particular product or service before ordering it. When you optimize your video, it will be among the first few results to appear on search engine result pages for its niche.

Google commands a lot of credibility. So once Google returns your video your own popularity and credibility will begin to soar. Also remember that most of the people that do online research of a product are ready buyers. So, video optimization does not only lead to more traffic, it also leads to more sales.

Optimized videos show up more on search engine

A video clip can only be a very effective marketing tool if it gets to the targeted audience. Currently, creating a video without backing it up with effective search engine optimization is just like winking in the dark. No one sees you let alone see what you are doing. Now, take a look at this statistics, a study carried out four years ago showed that every video without optimization had 1-in-11,000 chances of showing up in search engine result pages for a particular niche.

The number of videos available online right now is a huge multiple of the number of videos available four years ago. This means that the chances are even smaller now. In fact, the chances of any video showing up on result pages now will definitely be four times smaller. In other words, video optimization is more than 4 times more necessary now

Your competitors are already optimizing their videos

Due to the increasing number of marketing videos online, it is very possible that your competitors are already optimizing their own videos. If that is the case, you must have been losing some of your customers already if you are yet to start optimizing your videos. Even if they have not started optimizing their videos, it is not a bad idea if you lead. There is nothing wrong with making as much sales as possible until your competitors begin to wake up

Conclusively, the benefits of video optimization are so many. The ones outlined above are just the most important ones. There are several others.

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