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Over the years we have had the honor of partnering with several organizations with a common purpose… to bring an end to sex trafficking. We wanted to provide a resource page about the topic that we hope will inform and inspire action.

Below you will find information about each of our clients that are making an impact in the fight to end sex trafficking both in the United States and overseas. There are many other fantastic organizations in this fight, find out who is fighting to protect your neighborhood and support them in that fight.

Download this PDF with US-based information regarding the problem.

Always remember, this isn’t an “inner city” problem or a “3rd world country” problem, this is a “local” problem… it is going on in your neighborhood, in your city, at your local mall, at your airport, at your favorite hotel. Learn the facts and get involved, this should make everyone angry.

Grace Place School
Region Focus: Southern Florida

Grace Place School desires to see South Florida’s youth free from sex trafficking and destructive lifestyles. Their mission is to creatively meet the educational, spiritual, and therapeutic needs of at-risk youth in order to empower them to reach their God-given potential.

This is accomplished through creative and individualized educational and therapeutic intervention and employment training and opportunity. Grace Place School provides a Christ-centered, grace-filled environment rich in truth and love and void of judgment for youth ages 11-18. Youth of any faith are welcome.

Videos: We have done several video projects with GPS including an Award-Winning short film! WATCH THE FILM HERE.

Below is an overview video about Grace Place School.


Breaking Free
Region Focus: St. Paul/Minneapolis

Breaking Free is a Minnesota-based non-profit and social justice/social change organization. They help women escape systems of prostitution and sexual exploitation through advocacy, direct services, housing, and education.

Video: Below is a video that we produced for them promoting their Demand Change initiative.


Region Focus: St. Paul/Minneapolis

StreetWorks, a program of Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota, is a collaborative of several youth-serving nonprofits who provide street-based outreach to youth experiencing homelessness in the Metro area. By combining our efforts, StreetWorks outreach workers are able to develop best practices that allow the collaborative to reach and support as many youth as possible. Our outreach workers provide young people with connections to housing stability through referrals to life skills training and food resources, family reunification and safety planning, emergency shelter, and basics necessities.

Videos: We produced several training videos for their outreach worker certification training program, here is 1 sample from the series that can be found in full on the StreetWorks website.


Catalyst Foundation
Region Focus: Vietnam

Catalyst Foundation is a humanitarian organization that helps build communities in Vietnam to fight human trafficking. For children and families living in extreme poverty in Vietnam, Catalyst Foundation supports community programs to provide basic needs, job opportunities, counseling and education to prevent the trafficking of young children.

Video: We produced a video highlighting the history and key areas of focus of Catalyst Foundation.


Stories Foundation
Region Focus: St. Paul/Minneapolis

Stories Foundation is a unique organization whose proceeds from their upcoming food truck and cafe will go towards the work to end trafficking. They are also calling communities of people to come together to fight against human trafficking and all the social justice issues that feed into it.

Video: Below is a video that we produced for them to highlight what and why they do what they do.


The Link
Region Focus: St. Paul/Minneapolis

The Link provides support to at-risk youth in the Twin Cities. Their mission is to build a supportive community network that links youth and their families to their inner strength through life skills, education, advocacy, supportive housing, and a dynamic network of social services to transform lives.

Video: We produced several videos for The Link, here is an overview of their organization. 


Heartland Girls Ranch
Region Focus: Western Minnesota

 Heartland Girls’ Ranch provides strength-based, trauma-informed services and therapeutic equine programming in a safe and supportive environment that empowers girls to experience success and write a new story for themselves.

Video: Here is a video overview of Heartland Girls Ranch.


Village Focus International
Region Focus: Laos/Cambodia

Village Focus International leads the fight against human trafficking in Laos, and supports 4 local organizations in Cambodia to do the same. VFI addresses causal factors of trafficking (poverty, land loss, food insecurity), through an innovative social enterprise initiative, seeking to equip survivors and vulnerable young women with skills to enhance livelihood opportunity and income.

Video: Here is an animated promotional video we produced for their organization.


National Human Trafficking Hotline - 888-373-7888

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