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Here is a step-by-step process for creating an effective and powerful “pitch”

Imagine you are attending a networking event, you heard towards the elevator dressed to impress. Someone steps in the elevator with you and asks “What is it that you do?”. You gaze over at the elevator control panel and see you have from the 1st floor to the 4th floor to tell this person enough information about your business that they walk out of the elevator doors remembering you! This my friend is an “Elevator Pitch”. Typically a short description of what you do, your products or services. This can be a simple & powerful tool that you can keep sharp and always ready to pull out when the time is right. As you construct your power pitch using the steps below, aim for it to be about a minute in length. This is a great duration for a video AND for a face-to-face interaction.

IMPORTANT GUIDE: A 60 second written message is typically around 150 words. This may not seem like a lot, but you can say A LOT in 60 seconds, as long as use the right words. Let’s jump into it!

Step 1: Who are you? Write down one simple sentence explaining who you are.

Sample: “I am a sales trainer who trains and prepares other sales trainers.”

Step 2: What do you DO?. If you have a mission statement that can be a good guide. Also your product or service listing will be helpful. Write a couple sentences about what you do every business day.

Sample: “Develop and implement sales training programs for experienced and new sales professionals across the company.”

Step 3: Who are your ideal clients/customers? A guide for this would be your target audience, write a couple sentences about who your perfect clients/ customers are.

Sample: “My ideal client is an a medical device company with 25-100 employees. I help business owners build effective sales teams and avoid making expensive mistakes when hiring sales people. I work with a highly accurate sales assessment tool which enables me to provide an objective and measurable approach to sales consultancy.” 

Step 4: What sets you apart from your competition? Think about what makes your business unique. What is you “Unique Selling Proposition“? Write a couple sentences about what sets you apart from your competitors.

Sample: “We’re a unique sales training company because our people establish credibility and have the ability to empathize with your sales team. We customize all of our sales training initiatives based on your company’s top performer best practices. My company prides itself in delivery excellence  with a sales training program that is 90% interactive, so your sales team will remain engaged and enjoy the process of improving their sales skills.”

Step 5: What do you want your viewers to DO after the video (CALL TO ACTION)? Write a couple sentences to pinpoint your desired response from your audience after your video has been viewed.

Sample: “Contact our team today to schedule a free consultation to discuss the possibilities” or “Click here to sign up for our email newsletter to receive valuable tips.”

Step 6: What’s your hook? Write a couple sentences to identify a statement that can immediately draw in your viewers and keep them engaged. This will be how you begin your video.

Sample: “What would your sales team look like if every member was performing at their top level?” or “So your sales team is performing well, but guess what, there is something missing!”

Step 7: Combine ingredients and BLEND! Now combine all your statements in the previous steps, putting Step 6 first. Then speak it out loud and add natural transitions so that you make it conversational. Practice, practice, practice then rinse and repeat! Remember an important word… ITERATION! Share your script with someone you trust who will give you honest feedback, adjust your script until you feel good about the message.

Still have questions? Contact us.

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