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Video production is complicated. Our job is to make it seamless, simple and actually fun!

Our core services are listed below. We are an award-winning, full-service video production company. Our desire is to become your partner in production. Think of us as your “bolt-on video department”. We can handle any job of any size and we can do as much or as little of the production, we are here to meet your needs. If you have a video related need that isn’t covered in the services below, reach out! There is a good chance we can help. Check out our FAQ’s to see a few services we do NOT do.

2D Animated Explainer Video

Studies and trends now show that animated video is becoming the most engaging way to tell your brand story. Animation is also ideal for breaking down complicated topics in an engaging and memorable way. Our creative team can make your message come to life! Click for more information and samples. Here are a few reasons why a well crafted animated video can achieve great results…

  • You have NO limitations in an animated world. Make your logo come to life and talk. Make your video take place in an exotic location. Anything is possible!
  • Animation can evoke emotion in your viewers. This can lead to a strong connection with your brand.
  • Animation is the perfect way to simplify a complex topic. Break down a subject in a way that is visually understandable and memorable.
  • Animated video is fun and nostalgic. Let’s face it, we all have a kid deep down inside of us. We might feel like we have outgrown Saturday morning cartoons but we can find a reason to watch animated videos that are “business related”! We can’t take ourselves or our business too seriously 🙂

Video For Business

Video is a powerful tool for a business. It can engage, convert and educate. We take a strategic approach with every project to determine the best video solution for your audience. Here are some common solutions:

  • Brand/Identity Video
  • Commercials/Promotional Video
  • Client Testimonials
  • Training/Instructional/Safety Video
  • Corporate Messaging
  • Welcome/Orientation Video
  • The list goes on!

Video For Nonprofits

Video engages people and engaging people with your cause can generate donors, supporters and advocates. We are passionate about helping nonprofits get their message out. You can depend on us to partner with you from script to screen. Here are some common solutions:

  • Brand video
  • Fundraiser Video
  • Testimony/Faith Story
  • Sermon Promo Video
  • Church Announcement Video
  • Ministry Spotlight Video
  • New Member/Client Orientation Video
  • Anything else you can think of!

Crews For Hire (Nationwide)

While we do offer full production services we also offer a la carte production services. If you need a professional to assist with script development or you are looking to hire a professional crew to shoot your footage or you just need a professional editor, we got you covered! Outside MN? No problemo, we have trusted partners all across the nation. Consider us your partner in production.

Video Consulting

Looking for some guidance on a video project? Curious about how you can start producing your own videos in-house? We would love to help! We have helped other organizations get off the ground making their own videos. Sometimes you don’t need a big production… a little bit of talent and a smartphone can go a LONG way! Let us know how we can help. Here are some common consultation topics:

  • Basic DIY video training
  • Getting better video with your smartphone
  • How to get better audio for your video
  • Setting up a home video “studio”
  • Getting started with video marketing
  • Setting up your Youtube channel

Conferences and Workshops

Dan Rollins, our founder, is available for workshops, conferences or other events. He has delivered numerous training sessions around video marketing, video production 101 or can create content to meet your objectives.

Professional Voiceover

Need a good male voice for your project? Looking for a fast turnaround? Our founder, Dan Rollins has been providing his voice services for businesses and nonprofits for over a decade. Perfect for eLearning, training video, audiobooks or any other type of project. Click HERE to hear Dan’s demo reel.

Podcast Production

If you are considering how you can enhance your marketing strategy you need to consider a Podcast (video and/or audio). They are informative, versatile and powerful in so many ways.  It is an effective way to expand your brand awareness, offer value to your audience and position yourself as an industry expert and authority.

We can partner with you on the production. We can handle the recording and production of the shows and/or we can help you get set up to record them on your own and we handle the editing/production of the shows. You may be doing a show yourself and just need a boost in production quality to get to the next level. Contact us and let’s chat.

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