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Our History

What do you get when you partner a beautiful experienced wedding photographer with a guy rotting away in a corporate cubicle who has a video camera and a dream? A GREAT COMPANY! Below are some milestones from our exciting journey.

LIGHT BULB! Dan & Kita Rollins had an idea! Start a side business that leveraged their talents that could one day become a full-time business!!!

Fall 2009

SMALL BEGINNINGS. We launched LiveWire Films as a very part-time endeavor. Dan created a website and a logo (hindsight is 4k, it was pretty bad). Our original focus was on cinematic wedding films.

Early 2010

PERSPECTIVE SHIFT. We landed a job with a very large corporation. This experience opened our eyes to the fact that there is a market for a business-focused video production company, we began to move away from wedding work.

Early 2011

THE GREAT ESCAPE! Dan was able to break free of the corporate cubicle and with prayer and some obnoxious optimism, LiveWire Films became a full-time video production company with a new focus on partnering with small business and nonprofits to create impactful videos. We launched a brand new website and this time hired a pro to design a new logo, turned out WAY better.

February 2012

LEAP OF FAITH. 2013 was a year of incredible growth. Many of our new clients had needs that would have benefited from a brick and mortar video studio. After much prayer and advice from folks much smarter than us, we launched “Studio 120” in Burnsville. This served as our HQ, office and we built out a video studio.

January 2014

EXPANSIONS. With the growth and the new studio space, we were at capacity with our “one-man(Dan)-show” business model. By this time Kita had moved into a back-office support role and Dan was doing all of the production work… he was no spring chicken anymore and it was time for an expansion. We brought on a dedicated full-time production specialist.

August 2014

AWARD WINNING. One cause we care deeply about is ending sex trafficking. We have over a dozen incredible clients in that space. In 2015 we took on an incredible project with an organization called Grace Place School, they provide life-changing services to girls and boys who are fighting to get out of heart breaking situations including sex trafficking. What started as a promo video turned into a short film complete with a script, actors, etc. We shot the film in Broward County Florida and after releasing the film early 2016 it made its way into several film festivals where it won 3 awards. We are very proud of this piece and it is still making an impact as a resource to public schools around sex trafficking awareness. Watch the film here.

Spring 2016

A PIVOT. With an ever-changing industry comes the need to be flexible with change. We saw our client needs changing and we had little need for a brick and mortar space anymore. So after 4 years we packed up our stuff and closed down Studio 120, it was a bittersweet moment. We shifted to working remotely and focused on shooting on-location… which was 99% of the work we had been doing before anyway. With the rise of collaborative workspaces and coffee shops with free high-speed wifi, it didn’t make sense to pay for an office space that was not being utilized.

January 2018

EXPANDED NETWORK. As mentioned above the industry was changing and teams look different today compared to just a few years ago. It has been referred to as a “Freelance Economy”. Forbes reports that over 30% of Fortune 500 companies are using freelance workers. Since 2010 we have been making incredible connections with fellow video professionals. The key for a successful team comes down to the right talent, and we are so excited about the expanded network we have developed. We now have a dedicated local team as well as trusted resources in every major market in the USA as well as several other countries. We have fantastic content developers, shooters, editors, animators, graphic designers, web developers, automated marketers, digital marketers, the list goes on. These are all people that fit our culture and exceed the quality of service we demand. We have amazing talent and there really isn’t a type of job we can’t do and we have a global reach.

Early 2018

NEW PARTNERSHIPS. Today we are excited to continue to make new partnerships. We are passionate about video and its power to solve problems, drive results and grow businesses. We would love to be your partner in production, let’s chat.

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