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Our Vision

At LiveWire Films our vision is to become a strategic partner with organizations by providing results-driven video solutions that will inform, engage and inspire.

Our Mission

We don’t just “sell” video services, we offer real solutions to solve real problems that overcome obstacles and drive results. We do this through a process of understanding each client and their organization to determine the best solutions to reach their goals. We make the video production process a smooth, easy and fun experience for our clients.

Our Drive

LiveWire Films, just another video production company, right? We think not. Sure we make pretty pictures that move but we offer much more than that. You see at LiveWire we take our work very personally. We are a small business and we understand the importance of making the right choices to stimulate organizational growth. As stated before, we don’t just “sell” video services, we offer real solutions to solve real problems that overcome obstacles and drive results.

Our creative staff is relentless about amazing service. We strive to give each client the personal attention they deserve while giving them an awesome experience as we make their stories and messages spring to life. Have you ever touched a live wire? If you have you will NEVER forget it! Here at LiveWire we want to offer unforgettable experiences… without the shock 🙂

We are obsessed with making a positive impact, not only with our clients but in our community. We stay passionate about what we do by working with organizations that are making a difference in the world with life-changing services, they may not have the budget to hire our services so we work to make room for passion projects every year. If we can’t directly change a life for the better we partner with those who can.

LiveWire Films, we are more than just another video production company.


What moves us to do what we do you ask? Besides coffee…

Our Families. Family 1st is our mantra. Our business is only as strong as the families behind it.

Our Faith. We are a purpose-driven business and our faith is at the center of all we do. We are here to serve people and we do that with integrity, honesty and excellence. God gave us our talents and we are committed to being good stewards and using them well.

Our Focus. Promises are only good if they are kept, we are relentless on staying true to our word. We have a process to keep our work prioritized to meet the deadlines we have set. We are committed to delivering results that our clients LOVE! We work our tails off to make sure that our clients are completely satisfied with the services we provide.

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