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Children’s Hospital Association Gala

Project Description

Children’s Hospital Association approached us to produce two videos for their annual Storyland Gala. The first idea was to produce a legacy video with the theme of “where our journey began”. This was so much fun to create because we got access to loads of archival media dated back to the 1920’s. We were able to give viewers the experience of walking through time to discover the incredible story of the Children’s Hospital and it’s impact on the St Paul and Minneapolis area.

The second video was to tell the story of a family who was personally impacted by specific services offered through the Children’s Hospital. We were able to meet an incredible family and document their emotional story of the journey they took with their son as they received life-changing care at Children’s. The videos were produced on time and their gala was a huge success.

Project Details & Applications

Client: Children’s Hospital Association
Project Type: 2 Fundraiser/Gala Videos
Cost Range: 2 videos produced, $6,000-$10,000
*All pricing is done per project and there are many variables that can impact price so the best thing to do is to tell us your budget parameters and request a custom bid.

Applications: We are all moved by stories. Moved to tears. Moved to action. Moved to give. A study revealed that 57% of people who watch videos from a nonprofit go on to make a donation. These types of videos have multiple uses, use them for fundraising events and use them for marketing and awareness online. They can also be great to share with potential partners like churches or corporations what may be able to show the videos to a group. They are also great to add value to a presentation.

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