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Responsive Classroom Toxic Stress Animated Explainer

Project Description

Responsive Classroom is a great client and we have completed a variety of projects for them. This was an exciting one to produce. They provide crucial training for educators and one common challenge educators can face in the classroom is students experiencing what they characterize as “toxic stress”. In brief, toxic stress is when a child experiences strong, frequent, and/or prolonged adversity, such as physical or emotional abuse or chronic neglect. It was important for this video to convey powerful visuals that tell the story without the use of dialogue. They wanted this video to have maximum impact across multiple cultures and languages. Regardless of what language you speak, all can relate to stressful scenarios like bullying.

So we took on the challenge and leveraged the art of visual storytelling complemented by strong emotional sound design to layout a “problem” followed by a solution. The result was one that we are very proud of.

Project Details & Applications

Client: Responsive Classroom
Project Type: 3-4 minute Animated Explainer Video
Cost Range: $7500-$12,000
*All pricing is done per project and there are many variables that can impact price so the best thing to do is to tell us your budget parameters and request a custom bid.

Applications: If you have a message or topic that may be complex, animation can be the perfect solution. With the above project, it would have been extremely expensive to hire the right actors and use special effects to simulate a storm. Animation made the most sense and provided unlimited potential. If you have a message, topic, product or service that is complex and hard to explain, give us a call to discuss how animation could work for you.

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