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“I’ve worked with LiveWire Films about 2 years as a freelance editor at the time of writing this. In addition to editing, I’ve also participated in a few shoots.

Dan Rollins, the founder of LiveWire Films, is fantastic to work with. He communicates clearly and quickly, has a great attitude, is passionate about the client and the project but also supports me as an editor with my needs during the entire process of collecting and handing off footage, the editing process, and getting the final product delivered to the client.

Dan uses a number of powerful tools and resources to make the editing process very clear and streamlined. In a fast based environment where delivering a quality product is expected, it’s easy for miscommunication to occur or tasks to fall through the cracks. Not so with LiveWire Films.

If you’re in the creative arts field and think your talents could be used at LiveWire Films, I’d encourage you to contact them.” Luke Olson, freelance video professional

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