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Bremer Bank Mortgage Animated Explainer

Project Description

Bremer Bank was in need of an engaging video to provide important information debunking myths of the mortgage process. We collaborated with them on a concept and our animator knocked it out of the park.

Project Details & Applications

Client: Bremer Bank
Project Type: 2-3 minute Animated Explainer Product Video
Cost Range: $4500-$7500
*All pricing is done per project and there are many variables that can impact price so the best thing to do is to tell us your budget parameters and request a custom bid.

Applications: Animated videos are a fantastic way to deliver engaging informative and statistically have a higher retention rate for the viewer. In fact, a study done by Switch Video revealed that animated video can increase conversions by 20% as well as a much higher video engagement rate (viewers watching the WHOLE video) in comparison to a typical live-action 2-minute video.

So if you have a process, product or service that is a little hard to explain… that is a PERFECT reason to explore an animated explainer video! Contact us to talk more!

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