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PaR Systems Animated Explainer Product Video

Project Description

PaR Systems is an innovative provider of intelligent solutions, they wanted to highlight their Expert Operator product. This is a hardware module that is installed on cranes to eliminate cable sway, increase safety and productivity. It was important to show how this product improves the operation and reduces hazardous scenarios. It would have been difficult and expensive to shoot an actual crane hauling payload in an unsafe environment. By utilizing a 2D animated environment we could create any simulation we wanted to convey the important information, we were able to show an unsafe situation that put workers at risk, using animated characters allowed us to avoid putting actual workers in harms way. The result was an engaging and effective product video. You may also notice the video has multi-language captions, it was very important for PaR to be able to use this video in their non-English markets, so we added professional foreign language captions.

Project Details & Applications

Client: LogiSolve
Project Type: 2-3 minute Animated Explainer Product Video
Cost Range: $4500-$7500
*All pricing is done per project and there are many variables that can impact price so the best thing to do is to tell us your budget parameters and request a custom bid.

Applications: Some products can be complicated to explain and even more difficult to demonstrate. Using an animated explainer video allows you to create any custom scenario you want. It can be fun, engaging and informative. And a video like this is an early Christmas gift to a sales team because they can all use the same consistent method to explain a complicated or detailed product.

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