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LogiSolve Animated Explainer Product Video

Project Description

LogiSolve has a very unique solution they offer to health care providers, it is a tool to help bring efficiency and peace of mind to their cash reconciliation process. The acronym for the tool is CARS (CAsh Reconciliation Solution), as we discussed how to deliver their message it was agreed that using CARS as the theme made a lot of sense. As you will see with this engaging video, we used the Cars theme all throughout with the visuals as well as the sound design. The client is very happy, the message is engaging and we are thrilled with the results. Dan Rollins was the voice talent for the project.

We also received some great feedback from the Logisolve team when they unveiled their video…

“I am just blown away. VERY impressive. It really does speak the language that will get the attention of the audience while addressing common and complicated problems in a simple and organized way. Excellent job!”

“I love it! The video makes it look simple and the application is easy to learn and use. Awesome work”

“I liked it… clear plain language explaining a complex topic, easy to follow visuals makes it easy to understand how the product works, not repetitive in the message and best of all – not too long. Great job!”

“Definitely gets a two thumbs up!! Very informative and great use of visuals! :)”

Project Details & Applications

Client: LogiSolve
Project Type: 3-4 minute Animated Explainer Product Video
Cost Range: $5000-$9000
*All pricing is done per project and there are many variables that can impact price so the best thing to do is to tell us your budget parameters and request a custom bid.

Applications: As we have said before, animated videos are a great way to deliver engaging content in an engaging way and statistically have a higher retention rate for the viewers, as much as 20% higher! So if you have a process, product or service that is a little difficult to explain… that is a PERFECT reason to explore an animated explainer video! Contact us to talk more!

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