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(This tutorial also works with the LayerSlider plugin, it isn’t mentioned in the video but the process of creating an HTML5 Video will work with LayerSlider)

There are many things in life that I love, 2 of those things are Wistia for video hosting AND WordPress for my website. There are thousands of plugins you can use with WordPress to do just about anything. One of my favorite ones is the Slider Revolution plugin by ThemePunch, you can see it in action on my homepage and a few other pages.

My problem was that the 2 things I loved didn’t seem to play well together. Slider Revolution integrates with Youtube & Vimeo videos but Wistia didn’t seem to be invited to the party… UNTIL NOW!! Thanks to the gurus at Wistia support they walked me through how to create an HTML5 asset from a Wistia video that can be used with Slider Revolution (and LayerSlider). It wasn’t that hard to do and as of writing this, there isn’t any documentation on how to do it… so I created this detailed tutorial. So, if you are trying to get Wistia and Slider Revolution to play nice, watch this video and they will become BFF’s.

If you have more in-depth questions about either tool I recommend you go to their respective sites for support, I am not an expert in API or coding. But if you have questions about something I said in the video… shoot me a note via our Contact page, indicate¬†your question is for Dan Rollins and I will get back to you.

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*For convenience here is the URL referenced at the 2min 50sec point in the video that you need to customize in Step #1, copy and paste this into your text editor:

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